That End of Lilac Lane

Lilac Lane

Orphan Sarah Emily’s toes twitch every time she sees handsome Timothy. The two have grown up in the orphan asylum together under the cruel hand of Miss Percy. As the years pass and they grow closer, Sarah Emily seeks to find her value from the small picture of her parents she hides in a mahogany box under her bed. But when she finds out the truth about her father–and herself–she must hide it from everyone, especially Timothy.

The mystery of Sarah Emily’s origin will shock the entire town of Lander, Illinois, especially the evil Miss Percy. Desperately, Sarah Emily determines to guard the secret about who she really is–even if it means following the dangerous demands from, Marjorie, an orphan to be avoided.

When Sarah Emily meets the gentle Mrs. Neal, she begins showing Sarah Emily that value isn’t found in a man’s image, but Sarah Emily won’t believe it.

Come find your true worth as you follow Sarah Emily’s search as she faces her fears, her father, and herself.

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